A contact manager is a software that can be used to store and track contacts and customer information. The basic information for most contacts are name, telephone, email address etc. Isolated contact managers like outlook do not provide easy way to share contacts across machines easily. Other types of contact managers like google contacts provides ability to share basic contact information. Most contact managers synchronize with outlook, google contacts and other contact databases.

Today's business needs demand contacts to be fully integrated with other information like calendar, tasks and documents. Businesses use contact manager for many purposes the most important being capturing and tracking prospect information, creating campaigns to get prospect interested, converting them to customers and tracking new opportunities and projects.


OfficeClip Contact Manager is a software that provides 360 degree view of the contact lifecycle. It provides the following advantages:

  • Ability to capture leads from various sources (e.g. website forms)
  • Keep all contact related information in one place (activities, emails, documents etc.)
  • Design and send email campaigns and track its result
  • Create daily call list to periodically call prospects
  • Manage customer, account and opportunity information
  • Track time for projects done for customers
  • Track issues related to contacts and projects
  • Send invoices and accept payments online


OfficeClip Contact Manager components

Contact Manager - Block Diagram

Organization Benefits

OfficeClip Contact Manager provides the following benefits to organizations of any size:

  • Security - Contacts can be configured to be secure and yet still be easily accessible. For example, if an organization has different hierarchical levels and it wants to provide controlled access to its staff, the administrator can create roles and assign permissions to each role.
  • Increased Productivity - Keeping all contacts related information in one place eliminates the need for maintaining multiple copies in different places. This availability of information and its associated time savings translates directly into increased productivity.
  • Reduced cost of ownership - Free contact manager for 10-user is provided for the Standard Edition. If the organization does not need advanced features like workflow, sync etc. this version can be a good starting point. It can be seamlessly upgraded to the enterprise edition when needed.

Contact Information

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