Record accurate work hours

  • Time tracking with detailed breakdown of tasks.
  • Helps in estimation of budget and resource allocation.

Project Profitability

  • Track Hours spent on projects.
  • Measure employee performance.
  • Monitor progress to anticipate delays.
  • Priortize vital tasks.

Manage Timesheets

  • Check timesheets for an individual or team
  • Track working hours and who worked on what.

View performance with Reports

  • View individual timesheet summary.
  • Check project budget and actuals.
  • View approval history.
  • Export in pdf, Word and Excel format.

Record Accurate Work Hours

When you track time, you will know how much time is spent on which tasks and then make decisions on how to improve your team productivity.

How tracking hours will help to improve productivity

Time can be tracked by entering time manually or using the Check-in and Check-out options. OfficeClip timesheet will help you think on:

  • How much time I spent on which project?
  • Shall I delegate some work?
  • Which tasks is taking more of my time?
  • Shall I put up more hours in marketing?
  • How shall I improve my work efficiency in important tasks?

Employee timesheet details

Project Profitability

Project Managers can identify which tasks that are billable and profitable and create allocation based on that.

Project statuses can be viewed via reports which will show the budgeted hours, actual hours, amount spent on the project, and the percentage of work done. These reports give an idea of whether the project is running in the budget; resource allocations can then be adjusted as required.

Administrators can also view Employee Profitability by Project, which will help to decide whether the project is worth putting up so many hours.

Project summary

Managing Timesheet

Know what your team has worked on in a week or a month.

Searching user Timesheets

OfficeClip Timesheet allows management to easily track work done by employees by searching individual timesheets or team’s timesheets.

With the help of this option, Administrators can:

  • See how their team spends the whole week and what work is done.
  • Check hours spent on a task and if any user is taking too long to complete a task. In such cases, they can delegate the task to someone else.
  • Check which task is taking most of the time.

search timesheets

View Performance with Reports

Let your client see how much time is spent by each user on his/her project with a breakdown of each tasks.

How reports will give an insight of work done

After the time is recorded by each user with a detail breakdown of tasks done on a project, the project manager can see reports like Employee Billing by Accounts/Projects, Employee Utilization by Account, Detailed work summary of the user, etc.

These Reports can be shared, scheduled, or downloaded in various formats. It will also help to create a better estimation of ongoing projects.

View reports

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