OfficeClip Release 10.9.2

  OfficeClip Release 10.9.2   For the past few months we have been working hard in making OfficeClip more usable to our users. In the new release 10.9.2 we have fixed numerous bugs and created … Read more

Using Call List in Contact Manager

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New! OfficeClip Release 10.8.5

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Accessing Gmail SMTP from your application

This article describes the Gmail SMTP settings needed to send emails from a third party application (like OfficeClip) Gmail is not the ideal way to send emails from another applications. To minimize spam google has … Read more

How To Select a Contact Manager For Small Business

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Permission-based Email Marketing

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Checklist for Finding a Good Freelancer

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How to Improve Customer Retention

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OfficeClip New Release 10.7.1

Welcome to our first major release of 2019. This release provides you with new enhancements and lots of fixes.  See the complete Release Notes Upload and Download Folders In addition to files, you can now … Read more