DCAA Compliance is based on Contract Audit Manual 5-900 Section 9 for Audit of Labor System Internal Controls. 5-900 Section 9 guides for auditing contractor labor internal control to evaluate the adequacy of the contractor's labor system, and assess control risk related to the allow-ability and allocation of labor costs charged to government contracts.

  1. Monitor the overall integrity of the labor/Timekeeping software

    • Login and password security
    • All actions during information entry are logged for future audits
  2. Assure employee awareness training about the importance of proper time charging

    • OfficeClip provides live online training for managers and users
    • Training details are available on the Pricing page
  3. Effective authorization and approvals to accumulate and record labor costs to projects or company objectives

    • Time tracking by project, account, and task through a defined overall budget
    • Manual and automated authorization approval
  4. Accurately record labor hours and assure that corrections are documented, authorized and approved

    • A multilevel approval routing process
    • Validation rules in the Timesheet software ensures that any labor rules set in the system are closely followed
    • Configurable reports to track changes and approvals
  5. Distribute labor to assure the proper recording of labor costs to objectives

    • Employees can only charge time for the projects, accounts and tasks assigned to them
    • It ensures proper labor distribution by various levels of time tracking
  6. Account for labor costs to ensure that labor charges to the government are in compliance with Cost Accounting Standards and contract terms/clauses

    • Defined rates to employees, accounts, and projects
    • Only administrators can override specific rates set
    • The audit trails captures all the changes
  7. Prepare payroll to assure independent preparation of payroll, and to ensure that pay rates are appropriately authorized and accurate

    • Transfer records from Timekeeping software to external payroll applications
    • Extensive payroll features
  8. Reasonably assure that labor transfers and adjustments are documented and approved

    • More than 100 reports to accurately reconcile various entries and charges
    • Track all the entries throughout the lifetime of the system, which are backed by an audit trail

OfficeClip Timekeeping Software works in accordance with the DCAA compliance document. See how OfficeClip Timesheet works with DCAA Compliance

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