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OfficeClip has Free time tracking software for employees, which will help to analyze the work done and will help to make decisions on how to increase the productivity of your team. It is simple to use and is available free to unlimited users forever.

Timesheet software

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Online Timesheet for Employees

OfficeClip has a modern timesheet for employees, which will help to streamline the work of your organization. The employees will no longer have to record time on a paper or a spreadsheet.

These timesheets once filled up, will record all the working hours of an employee weekly or monthly and then will be sent for approval. This data will give an exact idea of the work done on an ongoing project and will help to estimate the future work.

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Using Timesheets

OfficeClip timesheets are easy to use and records all the work details.

Step 1: Add Projects and Customers

The administrator adds up new projects and customers in the Projects application to track time. Start date and end date gives an idea about the duration of the project, accordingly work and resources can be allocated.

Set up projects

Step 2: Set up Service items

The administrator sets up the tasks for each project and sets whether they are billable or not billable.

Set up service items

Step 3: How to fill weekly timesheet

Fill up timesheet

Step 4: Management reports

After the timesheet is submitted, the management checks the weekly performance of employees through reports. It gives an idea of the working hours, work details, tasks, projects, check-in check-out time, break time, etc. Check data in reports can also be checked using various filters. These reports can be exported in PDF, Word, and Excel format.

weekly reports

Step 5: View Timesheets

Users can view the status of their timesheets through the inbox.

timesheet inbox

Step 6: Exporting Timesheets

After the approval, timesheets can be previewed and exported to various formats like QuickBooks, ADP, CSV, etc.

 preview timesheet

Step 7: Mobile App

Users can fill up their timesheets, submit them for approval, and also view the status of their timesheets through OfficeClip mobile app. This app can be used when the user is working at the client's site or has no access to a desktop.

Create new timesheettimesheet mobile app

How Timesheets can be used

Record accurate work hours

  • Time tracking with detailed breakdown of tasks.
  • Helps in estimation of budget and resource allocation.

View performance with Reports

  • View individual timesheet summary.
  • Check project budget and actuals.
  • View approval history.
  • Export in pdf, Word and Excel format.

Manage Timesheets

  • Check timesheets for an individual or team
  • Track working hours and who worked on what.

Project Profitability

  • Track Hours spent on projects.
  • Measure employee performance.
  • Monitor progress to anticipate delays.
  • Priortize vital tasks.

OfficeClip Timesheet features

  • Paid Time Off

    Track time off's taken by employees in an organization and simplify payroll calculation.

  • Reports

    The reports give an overview of the employees performance, project status, project cost and budget, DCAA audits etc.

  • Integration

    Integrate timesheets with Quickbooks and Sage 50 Accounting software.

  • DCAA Compliance

    Ensure filling up of timesheets daily with clearly defined procedures by DCAA.

  • Rules

    The rules set up by the Administrator will ensure time is recorded in the timesheet as per the guidelines set up by the organization.

  • Expenses

    Expense management gives an idea of the cost incurred for a project.

  • In-Out Timesheet

    Enter time manually or use the Check-in Check-out system for recording work hours.

  • Mobile Access

    Create a timesheet and submit it for approvals using the mobile timesheet app no matter where they are.

  • Invoices

    Create invoices by importing timesheet and ensure faster payments.


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