OfficeClip New Release 10.3.49

We have finally released the new version 10.3.49! Thank you for your patience. Following are a partial list of things done in this release: CRM – Redesigned Google Sync with new API CRM – Tags … Read more

How to use tags effectively in Contact Manager

In any CRM, Tags allows free form categorization of contacts, customers and other entities. Usually contacts are often categorized using lists with fixed values. These are sometimes restrictive because they do not allow normal users … Read more

OfficeClip Release 10.3

Welcome to the major release of OfficeClip. In this release we have made many enhancements and closed numerous issues. Some important enhancements are shown below: See full release notes here Site Wide Enhancements Many New … Read more

OfficeClip Products Now Offered on AWS Marketplace

Starting today the OfficeClip suite, consisting of the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) and HR Management module, will be available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in AWS Marketplace with hourly and yearly subscriptions. OfficeClip Suite provides … Read more

What is new in OfficeClip 10.2

For the past few months we have been working hard in making OfficeClip more usable to our users. In the new release 10.2.1 we have fixed numerous bugs and created many enhancements. Most of these … Read more

New OfficeClip Release 10.1.37

This release comes after a long time with many enhancements and bug fixes. I am listing a few of them here: Enhancement: It is now possible to make copies of Reports Enhancement: In timesheet comments … Read more

How OfficeClip uses OfficeClip

  OfficeClip is one of the very few applications in the market that provides a one stop solution for customer and employee management. The OfficeClip team uses this software for prospect management, accounts management, timesheets, … Read more

OfficeClip 10.1.18 – Release and enhancements

We have some interesting enhancements and ideas for you in this newsletter: Modified Google sync algorithm and notification You will now need to sign on to authenticate yourself to Google account using OAuth 2.0. This … Read more