The auto-approve feature in timesheets is a time-saving function that automatically approves submitted timesheets after employees fill them out. While convenient, it's crucial to use cautiously due to the lack of manager oversight.

Before enabling Auto-Approve

  1. Accuracy is crucial: Employees must ensure accurate timesheets before submitting them for auto-approval, as errors might go unnoticed.
  2. Limited use: Consider this feature only for highly trusted employees with reliable timesheets.

How to set up Auto-Approve?

auto-approve timesheets

  1. In the Timesheet > Admin > Profiles > Functions, set the Auto-approve feature by selecting Yes from the dropdown menu.
  2. Once enabled, you will see the auto-approve button in the menu.
  3. Click on it, and you will see the list of users.
  4. Checkmark the users you want to set auto-approve and click Save.
  5. Once these users fill up and submit their timesheets, they will immediately see the timesheets as approved.

Benefits of setting up Auto-approve:

  • Saves Time: Both employees and managers save time by eliminating manual approvals for trusted users.

Drawbacks of Auto-approve:

  • Increased Risk of Errors: Lack of manager review might lead to uncaught errors and inaccurate payroll.
  • Limited Use: Not suitable for all employees or situations.

Important Note:

Auto-approve is disabled if the DCAA compliance feature is enabled.


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