What is a Custom Report?

A custom report is a special kind of report you build yourself. Unlike pre-made reports, you can focus on what matters most to you.

These reports allow users to selectively combine and analyze data based on unique requirements and help to extract the precise information users need to answer crucial business questions and make business decisions.

What are the capabilities of a Custom report?

creating custom reports

  1. Data selection: Users can choose the fields relevant to their inquiry, ensuring the report focuses on critical information.
  2. Data organization: Fields can be arranged in order to facilitate easier analysis and interpretation.
  3. Data grouping: Users can group data points based on relevant criteria, a summarized and focused view.
  4. Filtering: Custom reports allow the application of specific filters to narrow down data and identify trends or patterns within a targeted subset.
  5. Access control: Permissions can be managed to ensure that only authorized users can access potentially confidential reports.

Why use Custom reports?

  1. In-depth data analysis: By focusing on specific data, custom reports allow for deeper insights and more precise understanding, leading to more informed decision-making.
  2. Department-specific optimization: Each department can analyze data relevant to its goals and performance, enabling them to set informed targets and track progress.
  3. Employee performance insights: Custom reports can provide an overview of employee productivity and performance, allowing for data-driven management strategies and development opportunities.

Custom reports empower users to transform data into actionable insights, fostering a data-driven culture and promoting informed decision-making across the organization.


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