OfficeClip provides data security at various levels to safeguard user's data. They provide various kinds of permissions for the users as well as the modules.


Providing limited access to your Contact Manager functions like contacts, customers, campaigns, etc., can be an important business requirement for any small business. OfficeClip Contact Management security infrastructure provides various ways to ensure that your contacts are accessed only by authorized users.

There are two types of security provided by the OfficeClip Contact Manager:

  1. Functional Security: This type will decide whether the user has access to a particular function in the system. For example you may not want certain users to delete any contacts from the system or make other changes.
  2. Object Security: In this Contact Software, objects are Contacts, Accounts, Campaigns, etc.. Controlling the Object Security will allow you to deny access to certain contacts or accounts for some users. An example is when you have various agents working with their own contacts that they do not want to share with other agents.

Assigning Permissions

Contact management software provides security by limiting access to users

Figure: Various Levels of Security

Security Levels

Object Security is a complicated issue, and it is sometimes hard to figure out who has access to what in an environment with a few thousand contacts or more. To make this process simple OfficeClip allows administrators to combine users to various roles, in various departments and then assign permissions to those roles.


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