Manage Duplicates in CRM

When you are working with a huge volume of data, you may end up with duplicates. Imported contacts from various sources may cause redundant data to build up in the system over time. Duplicate contacts can become a nuisance as they make your contact list disorganized and it also occupies a lot of space.

OfficeClip CRM, Manage Duplicate feature, will merge all your duplicates in the database and it will also merge all the information of a contact. Also, deleting duplicate data periodically helps keep the contact list clean and up to date.

Search Duplicates

Search duplicate entries in Contact Management software

Figure: Search duplicate entries

Duplicates in OfficeClip can be searched using different search results as per your business requirements.

Delete/Merge Duplicates

Merge and remove duplicates from contacts

Figure: Options for duplicates

After searching for the duplicates, the user has three options:

  • Skip or keep the duplicate contact as it is.
  • Merge the duplicates.
  • Delete the duplicates.

Manage duplicate feature will:

  • Organize your contacts database.
  • A mailing list with unique names and no duplicates can be easily created to market goods and services or for sending campaigns.
  • With no duplication searching contacts with appropriate information will save a lot of time.


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