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OfficeClip Release 10.9.2

by SK Dutta 6. February 2020 17:04


OfficeClip Release 10.9.2


For the past few months we have been working hard in making OfficeClip more usable to our users. In the new release 10.9.2 we have fixed numerous bugs and created a few enhancements:

  1. Enhancement: Issue Tracker: public share -> Issue Tracker > View Issue -> Share, was not showing the share

  2. Bug Fix: Calendar: Calendar > was not saving attachments

  3. Bug Fix: Calendar: Calendar -- Recurring events was not showing in the list screen

  4. Bug Fix: Contacts: Contacts > Currency field > Validation issue (passed when 0.00 and failed when it is 0) 

  5. Bug Fix: Email: Email: Draft emails should open in edit mode with To address populated

  6. Bug Fix: Invoices: Invoices > Billing - While importing timesheet it was giving yellow screen error 

  7. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Issue tracker Share link was not working without session

  8. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Issue tracker > share > copy to clipboard - while replying it was giving yellow screen error

  9. Bug Fix: General: History/Notification window was showing half and unable to close it as the close button was not visible

  10. Bug Fix: Time Off : Time off request created was showing as event created in notifications 

  11. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Check-In/Out was coming on different lines for mobile

  12. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheet check in check out issue

  13. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheet - if check out time is 12.15pm or 12.30pm it was not calculating the correct time

  14. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheet summary report was not showing the check-in check-out time, showing only dates

  15. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheets >> Check in / out >> not enabling check in for rejected timesheet of the week 

  16. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheets >. Reports should show only time for check in / out 

  17. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheet - While showing a warning or error the total column was empty 

  18. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Cannot back out from the check in process in timesheet 

  19. Bug Fix: Users: Cannot remove user from the site 

What we are doing next

Our 2020 roadmap is based on what feedback we received in 2019 and before. You, with your input, can steer our development effort to a new direction.

Watch our blog for new announcements regarding out 2020 roadmap 

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OfficeClip News

How receiving Notifications on time is important

by Deepa 23. January 2020 11:57

Whenever a user logs into a system, he has many tasks to do in a day. Some of which he may forget or some of which he may not be aware of. Like the user has to:

  • Fill up the timesheet for the day.
  • Submit a timesheet for a week
  • Assign some work to a user, but that user is on leave, which the manager is not aware of. 
  • A customer has put an issue in the issue tracker but the user forgets to check his email. 

These and many other tasks, if not done on time will create a lot of issues, and it will be difficult to carry on workflow smoothly. This is where the Notifications will help the user.

Notifications are automated messages which the user receives through email or can view on the screen. These notifications can remind employees of specific actions to be performed for Timesheet, Contact Manager, Issue Tracker, etc.

OfficeClip applications will help to keep the employees updated on the ongoing activities in the organization through notifications.

Users will receive notifications:

  1. If any new contact is added, modified, or deleted in the database.
  2.  If any documents are edited, deleted, or downloaded.
  3. If any tasks or events are added for the prospects.
  4. If the timesheet for the day is not saved, the user will receive a notification for filling up the timesheet.
  5. The supervisor or manager will receive a notification if the timesheet is not submitted by the user weekly or monthly.
  6. The user can also see the notifications for approval or rejection of timesheets.
  7. With a time-off notification, the supervisor can delegate the work to some other user.
  8. If the user or a customer adds any new issue. the assignee will receive a notification to get it resolved.

Apart from this, users can receive notifications for Time-off, Campaigns, Invoices, etc. These Reminder messages can help to keep submissions and approvals on schedule. It will also alert you about the tasks to be performed and updates in your system.

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Using Call List in Contact Manager

by Deepa 8. January 2020 12:21

One important use of the Call list is to keep in touch with your current and potential customers. The reason may be to follow up on the leads, discussions about ongoing projects, overdue payments, calling customers at regular intervals, etc. Nobody wants to miss this out. 

In OfficeClip Contact Manager, you can create a call list and get reminders at regular intervals for keeping in touch with your customers or prospects. View the daily or future call list, which gives an idea about future actions. After calling up the customers, users can add notes in the call list regarding the conversation held, which will be helpful for future reference. Users can also create tasks or follow-up appointments. 

How Call list will be useful:

  1. To stay in touch with your contacts at regular intervals.
  2. For the reminder of payments.
  3. Follow up with leads.
  4. To send marketing campaigns to prospects.
  5. The Call list can also be viewed through the mobile app so that if the user is not in the office, he will not miss any appointments or calls.

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How To Select a Contact Manager For Small Business

by Deepa 29. July 2019 10:40

A Contact Manager is a software program that enables users to store and locate contact information, tag contacts easily, create call list, create campaigns, create tasks, share documents, etc.

It also provides advanced reporting capabilities and empowers various taskforce members to have access to the same "contacts" database. This Contact Management module tracks all the data and communication activities related to the contacts. 

Why Contact Manager?

A Contact Manager is an ideal solution for small businesses for their teams to easily manage their contacts and help them with day-to-day activities. However, many businesses, especially small and medium-sized, have a hard time finding contact management software that is efficient and assimilates with their system.

Contacts are the link that connects your business to more sales. Like every other business tool, a contact manager was established to make life easier. When it comes to making sales, a contact manager is a crucial aspect as everything starts with a contact. Therefore, it is up to small and medium businesses to seek after contact management applications such as OfficeClip.

Hosted or Installed Contact Manager

The decision of whether to host your Contact Management software on your individual servers or the cloud is vital. There are advantages and disadvantages of both systems, from security to control and ease of use. 

With the hosted option, your contact management system can be up and running immediately. Moreover, all of your contact information and the power to change that information will be readily available from any computer, and all you need is an internet connection. 

With the installed option, you install the same software on your own server or private cloud. All data stays within your control, and you can schedule your own backup and redundancies. The installed version of the software is also charged one time, and there is no per-month fee.

Contact Manager Vs. CRM?

The major difference between a contact management software and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is that a contact management software plays a primary role in managing and tracking a customer, vendor and company's information and communication.

A CRM software, on the other hand, provides more advanced functionality fashioned to sustain the sales process, prospective clients, and sales lead, including all sales representatives' activities with some marketing performance.

Contact Management systems enable small businesses to track all communication with customers and vendors. It also associates sales report information while checking for orders and sales history information. Contact managers provide the primary contact information and additional contact information.

A CRM system is specifically used for businesses that have long or complex sales cycles that require continuous interaction of the customer, with planned follow-up dates and detailed communication records.

Contact Manager vs OfficeClip

There are so many ways to contact clients these days. Good contact management software can ease this process and incorporate all your conversations on one platform. Here are four other contact managers:

  1. Insightly

Insightly focuses on business relationships, and helps in discovering ranking in corporations, and build relationship maps which assist in increasing sales using tools such as automated lead management and automatic tracked emails.

  1. Maximizer

Maximizer's features are composed of a shared address book that can carry out searches by a case number, company affiliation and still save them. It easily processes automation, multi-level security for ranking access to data, while incorporating a mobile-savvy calendar. The data entry can also be clarified with form field validation that can describe which fields are mandatory, and check for duplicate entries.

  1. Nutshell

This software can manage contacts and conversations, track leads, automate the sales processes, and track it all with easily understandable performance reports.

  1. Zoho CRM

CRM is a more complex system, however, Zoho is worth mentioning because of its cutting-edge digital assistant feature that incorporates Zia Voice as a chatbot that can be queried for any desired info.

  1. OfficeClip

OfficeClip is a web-based software application that provides an integrated solution that properly manages your contacts, customers, projects, and employees. OfficeClip facilitates efficient tracking and sharing of information in your corporation.

         Contact Management

Important Features of Free OfficeClip Contact Manager

Some of the features of OfficeClip Contact Manager include:

  •  Search and Filters – You can easily find a contact from a database using the Search option. The user can search for contacts using various fields like tags, city, country, first name, email, currency type, etc. For a more complex search, filters can be used which will help you to create a tailored view that focuses on the details one is interested in.
  •  Drip Marketing – This is direct marketing that lures customers by sending marketing information to prospects at regular intervals, hence, encouraging engagement with your contacts and building a relationship.
  • Invoices – This invoice feature has different templates such as service invoice, standard invoice, professional invoice, quotes, and estimates. The invoice can be customized to suit the client's preference, and also edit new terms as per the transaction. As a business contact manager, it allows customers to make online payments.
  • Smartphone Access – This enables employees to have real-time access to all the vital information through their smartphones so that customers can get the best service with better communication, faster access, and the latest updates concerning their projects.
  • Synchronization – If you store your contacts and appointments using Google or Outlook, OfficeClip synchronizes with these applications. It synchronized with:
  • OfficeClip Contacts
  • Contact Related Notes (can be found in the contact description field)
  • Contact Related Events
  • Contact Related Tasks
  • OfficeClip Calendar of Events - Non-Contact Related
  • OfficeClip Notes - Non-Contact Related

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Permission-based Email Marketing

by Deepa 3. July 2019 09:58

What exactly is permission-based email marketing?

It means getting permission before adding contacts to an email list. It is the act of getting consent from a subscriber to send them email marketing campaigns. Businesses that get it right and build permission-based email lists enjoy high open and click-through rates. These campaign emails help them in getting a significant level of sales and revenue from their email marketing initiatives.

Usually, an email or campaign email sent without the customer's permission is considered as spam.

Rules for permission-based email marketing:

  • Get permission: Set an opt-in option in your marketing software, so when the customer signs in using a web form, the customer will receive an opt-in confirmation email. Allowing this opt-in confirmation will help you to be sure that the customer actually wants to hear from you.
  •  Plan: It is essential to communicate with your customers on a regular basis. Send the campaign emails at regular intervals and track the campaigns to analyze the results. It will give an idea about how many campaigns were delivered, how many people clicked etc.
  • Never buy or rent a list: Subscribers want to receive email from those companies they have subscribed to, not an unknown third party.
  • Give the people an option to opt-out: Instead of sending emails to people who don't want them and end up marking them as spam, allow them a way out so you can remove them from your list. The link for opt-out should be easy to find because interests may change over time. 

Permission may ensure your Contacts are getting what they receive and it is a profitable strategy that will pay for itself. A proper CRM solution will help to categorize the contacts and sending campaigns or promotional emails will be a hassle-free process.

So one of the significant advantages of permission-based marketing is that advertisers can concentrate their efforts on those prospects that are most likely to turn into buyers. When a customer selects themselves by asking for more information, it shows that they have a genuine interest in what the business is offering. These customers are more likely to purchase and to spend more money when they do so.

Benefits of Permission-based email marketing:

  • It creates less spam risk.
  • It strengthens the brand.
  • It will give a better return on investment from your email campaigns.
  • Campaign emails give better engagement results.


Photo Courtesy: Irene Vodka Creative Common Attribution


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How to Create and Customize webform

by SK Dutta 4. May 2017 13:55

The video below shows how you can create a contact web-form to capture leads from your website. It also discusses basic customization of the web form to make the look and feel of the form similar to your website.

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OfficeClip Tips

New Release 10.4.20

by SK Dutta 5. October 2016 15:46

Welcome to the new release of OfficeClip. In this release we bring you a few enhancements and many bug fixes:

Document Viewer

Before downloading a document, you can now review it using the in built viewer. Current supported files are office documents (docx, pptx, xlsx), html, pdf, xml, js and text files.

Windows Live OAuth2

If you have a windows live account, you can use that to login to OfficeClip instead of your OfficeClip login and password.

See full release notes

Download Link (for users who have the installed version)

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OfficeClip News

OfficeClip is now free on private cloud

by SK Dutta 30. August 2016 16:26

OfficeClip has now made its small business application free to run on private clouds like amazon aws or hyper-v in organizations. Previously the  software was free for upto 10 users. With this release it has been made free for unlimited users. OfficeClip also provides free email support for this product.

OfficeClip creates software to manage customers and projects. This includes CRM, Timekeeping Software, Expense Management, Invoicing and Help Desk. 

Starting a decade ago, OfficeClip provides software solutions to thousands of small and medium businesses. To learn more about OfficeClip visit our website at

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New! OfficeClip Release 10.4

by SK Dutta 13. February 2016 19:22

This is a major release after about 5 months. We fixed more than 150 issues and made lots of enhancements to OfficeClip. This article discusses the enhancements we made in various applications of OfficeClip:


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OfficeClip News

Tips on how to change Timezone in OfficeClip

by SK Dutta 8. October 2015 14:10
In the past couple of weeks some new customers reported that their times are not shown in the proper timezone.

There are two ways to change timezone in OfficeClip:

  1. Organization Timezone: This is set by the administrator when the organization is created. The timezone of every new user will be set to this value. To change this go to Settings > Organization Settings > Timezone and Custom Fields (under Organization)

  2. Personal Timezone: This will override the default timezone that is set by your group administrator. To change this go to Settings > My Profile > Personal Preferences
The video below shows this in action:

See this video in high definition in YouTube

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OfficeClip Tips

Creating Decision Matrix using Google Spreadsheet

by SK Dutta 7. August 2015 18:08

Suppose you have a bunch of enhancements to make and it seems all of them are important for the next release. You have to have a scientific way to manage priorities. When I got into such a situation, I looked for a simple way to implement a decision matrix to select which ones to do first. 

Here is a Google Template I created to help me. I hope it can also help to make your future decisions (with conflicting choices and priorities) more objective.
This sheet is brought to you by OfficeClip. Creator of Timesheet, Contact Management and Support Desk products. Free for unlimited users.

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Small Business Tips

Sending low cost campaigns and newsletters using OfficeClip

by SK Dutta 7. May 2015 16:05
OfficeClip Campaigns module can be used to send campaigns and newsletters for free as long as you have a SMTP account to send emails. If you are not sending huge number of emails, you can use your company smtp account (or even a free account like Gmail). 

Bulk email providers like Elastic Email or Amazon SES are very cost effective for sending large number of emails. Make sure that when sending bulk emails, you should setup DKIM or other mechanism to authenticate yourself.

OfficeClip Campaigns module provides features for creating good looking html emails from templates. It can also track when the user received or open emails. Currently its feature set is not as extensive as other commercial providers where you pay anything between ten to hundreds of dollars.

Here is a video on how to create and send campaigns with OfficeClip, which I created while helping a customer on this issue.

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Developer Resources

OfficeClip New Release 10.3.49

by SK Dutta 2. March 2015 15:03
We have finally released the new version 10.3.49! Thank you for your patience. Following are a partial list of things done in this release:

  • CRM - Redesigned Google Sync with new API
  • CRM - Tags are now exporting in the csv file
  • CRM - Skype integration
  • Projects - Added Notes
  • Many bug fixes and minor enhancements. Please see the Release Notes for details.

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How to use CRM Filters in OfficeClip

by SK Dutta 29. January 2015 22:01
With Release 10.3 we introduced advanced filters in OfficeClip Contact Manager and CRM. I have heard from customers on creating a write up on how to use the advanced filter features for contacts and accounts. 

CRM data is often more useful when filtered! OfficeClip CRM filters are powerful in that they can express many complex conditions. This article teaches you how to use the filter efficiently.

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OfficeClip Products

How to Customize OfficeClip CRM fields

by SK Dutta 16. January 2015 22:01



Every business has different needs when it comes to tracking contacts, customers, opportunities, campaigns, etc. OfficeClip Contact Manager and CRM allow you to customize these entities in various ways. Following are few of the screen customizations available:



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OfficeClip Products

Bringing better collaboration to international teams

by SK Dutta 13. January 2015 14:01

Today most Fortune 500 companies have offices in other countries like China and India. Small businesses can compete by using virtual teams to complete development projects. The challenge is how to manage projects where all team members are not in the same geographical location.

According to i4cp’s productivity blog, even though the use of geographically dispersed teams doing complex work has increased, they require proper structures and knowledge sharing to make them work effectively. Show the infographics on the above web page here.


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Small Business Tips

How to set Contact Manager permission

by SK Dutta 14. March 2014 22:03
OfficeClip Contact Manager has ability to set privileges and access permission using rules. 

To run your business effectively you may require different permissions for different users types. For example, one company may require everybody in their organization to be able to modify all contacts but not be able to delete them. While another organization may require contacts cannot be seen until it is assigned to the user. OfficeClip's rule based permission takes care of many of these scenarios.

Recently we have received a few requests to explain the details of the access permission of OfficeClip Contact Manager. I have created a video which attempts to explain some of it.

Note: For clarity watch in full-screen mode

Did this video help? please ask your questions or provide comments below.

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OfficeClip Tips

OfficeClip New Release (10.1.28)

by imran 31. July 2013 09:50

We have created a new release of OfficeClip (10.1.28). In this release we made OfficeClip more robust by fixing some of the issues that we have been in the previous release.


  • Bug Fix: Fixed issues with the notes expand and collapse feature
  • Bug Fix: Incorrect reports getting created for organizational employees
  • Bug Fix: Campaign Design: In the Image editor, the images are not showing properly
  • Bug Fix: Contact Manager: Call List: Actions once selected were not getting selected again
  • Bug Fix: Opportunities: View Screen: Documents - Upload - Busy icon remains fixed
Click here to see the complete release notes

If you are using OfficeClip Hosted, it is already updated in the If you want to download and install OfficeClip on your machine or private cloud, you can get it from here



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OfficeClip News

Bulk Tagging of Contacts

by SK Dutta 9. July 2013 15:11

Tagging multiple contacts together is one of the features that has been requested for a while. We have finally gotten around implementing it in release 10.1.22. 

In OfficeClip you can use multiple levels of tags to loosely categorize entities. Filtering and reporting on the tags is possible.


To see a video of how bulk tagging in OfficeClip works, please click below:


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OfficeClip Tips

CRM Workflow and Drip Marketing...

by SK Dutta 21. February 2013 13:11

OfficeClip version 10.1 includes a CRM workflow module that was requested by our customers.

Drip marketing allows pre-created messages to be sent to prospects and customers at regular intervals. OfficeCip Workflow adds the ability to create appointments, tasks, send campaigns and enter into daily call list.

Let us know how this new feature is working out for you

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